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Why a Vacuum Pack Machine is the Right Tool to Preserve Food in Times of Crisis

Caterware ConnectionBlog Company NewsWhy a Vacuum Pack Machine is the Right Tool to Preserve Food in Times of Crisis



Why a Vacuum Pack Machine is the Right Tool to Preserve Food in Times of Crisis

During uncertain times like these where we have a pandemic on our hands and limited availability of fresh produce or simply heading to the supermarket, we are in need of a solution to ensure our food is well preserved.

Due to the spread of COVID-19, many establishments, especially those in the hospitality industry, has been drastically affected. Many non-essential establishments including restaurants, cafés, fast food restaurants, etc. had to close down to help with flattening the curve.

As there’s a need for essential establishments to ensure their food don’t go to waste, an alternative needs to come to light. 

A Vacuum Pack Machine is one of the great solutions that can not only preserve food in times of crisis but extend the shelf life of both raw and cooked foods, without drying it out or mixing flavours. Safely store foods like beef fillet, prawns, cheeses, hams, bone-in chops, etc. with the vacuum packaging machine.

Functions of a Vacuum Packing Machine in the Kitchen

Presets and Percentages

Photo Credit: Sammic

With the pre-set options and percentages, the Sammic vacuum allows for an easy way to standardise all vacuum process.

Because of these settings, there is no need to calculate or even estimate the times needed to properly vacuum food. This helps keep the results consistent regardless of the amount of food in a bag.

Labelling in Real-time

Keeping track of what’s in a bag during packaging is crucial. With a vacuum pack machine’s real-time labelling feature, the tool is directly connected to a printer. The label contains all the needed information that is related to the whole process, which ultimately also includes the actual vacuum value received in the cycle of preservation.

The feature is also helpful for industry professionals working in the kitchen to organise their work.

Vacuum by Stages

Photo Credit: Sammic

A dynamic solution that is developed for specific ingredients that are delicate yet necessary to vacuum due to a sudden unexpected closure or other disruption that could occur.

The vacuum by stages feature allows users to preserve food that needs a bit more gentle handling. It ensures delicate food is well preserved and is an alternative setting to avoid the standard vacuum setting that could potentially be too aggressive.

Food that can be vacuumed by stages include:

  • Cheese
  • Ham
  • Lobster
  • Prawns (and king prawns)

Liquid Detector

This is a great feature to ensure when using a vacuum pack machine for food, that you don’t spill liquids.

This practical function ensures peak performance during the vacuum process when handling large quantities of liquids such as sauces, soups, and juices.

The liquid detector stops the vacuum process when it detects evaporation, ensuring the machine’s operator doesn’t need to be present at all times during the process, allowing for other tasks to be tended to.

A useful tip from Sammic:

“Since the boiling point of a liquid depends on atmospheric pressure and temperature, the colder the product, the higher the percentage of vacuum reached without the liquid spilling out, improving its conservation time.”

More Features

There are a few great features included in the vacuum pack machine:

  • Accurate sensor control
  • Constructed of stainless steel (hygienic and easy to clean)
  • Digital keyboard
  • Lid constructed of durable polycarbonate
  • Bag-sealing programme
  • Option to add 10 seconds extra when vacuuming
  • Cordless sealing bar (simple and easy cleaning)
  • NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) listed – ensuring machine meets strict standards

Start Using a Vacuum Pack Machine to Preserve Your Food

To ensure your food lasts longer and is preserved during your business’s closure, invest in a vacuum pack machine. Get in touch with our team at Caterware Connection to ensure you pick the right option for your establishment.

Our technicians provide both annual and quarterly service contracts to help repair and maintain your kitchen equipment. Get in touch if you require a technician’s assistance.