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Scotsman Ice Machines

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Scotsman Ice Systems Global Brand

Scotsman Ice Systems pioneered the development and manufacture of affordable, reliable ice-making machines in the 1950s. Half a century of research, innovation, and customer service later, they are the largest manufacturer of ice makers in the world, a global company with distributors and authorised service agents in over one hundred countries.

Scotsman Ice Systems offers the largest selection of equipment and ice shapes available to deliver the best possible solutions for customers worldwide.

A key solution for highly efficient, superior-performing ice systems.

Scotsman Ice Machine Products

Ice Machines for Any Industry

EC 106 Scotsman Ice Machine

Having your own coffee shop ice machine, means that you will have ice on hand all day. The small self-contained EC series, with its rounded corners and pleasant appearance can be accommodated for smaller spaces.

Flake-ice preferred for many different applications: preparation of fish display counters, buffet-style displays, fresh produce display as well as food processing industry. Flake-ice makers are made from hi-quality stainless steel.

Having your own Scotsman ice machine, means you have the convenience of ice on hand. No need to run to the store or remember to buy ice. The EC46 and SDN20, with its rounded corners can be accommodated into small spaces.

AF 80 Scotsman Ice Machine

Hospitals have a great demand of cube ice for several applications: catering, traumatology, preservation, cryotherapies, etc. The vast range of Scotsman cubers, producing pure and crystal-clear ice is the right answer for all hospital requirements.

Ice provides the ideal temperature for consumption and can be used in snack bars, coffee houses, lunch venues, pubs, night clubs and restaurants, whether to cool drinks to the right serving temperature or to fill eye-catching displays for promotions of drinks.

Enhances food freshness and quality and keep products fresher for longer with a Scotsman Ice Machine. The ice machine is ideal for fresh fish, fruit and vegetables, a deli counter, beverages such as soft drinks or juices. Also keep pre-packed ice cube bags cold for customers.

These ice machines can benefit numerous businesses including hotels, restaurants, bars, supermarkets, fast-food outlets.

Ice Shapes

Ice shapes include cube, nugget, flake, dice, and gourmet ice, with quantity options including options such as cube-at-a-time dispensers to tonnes of ice a day. 

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