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Spectra Janitor Cleaning Trolley with bag

Spectra Janitor Cleaning Trolley with Bag

  • Robust 3 shelf design
  • 4 Smooth gliding wheels
  • Heavy-duty moulded hooks for cart bag and for cleaning equipment
  • Dimensions: 1140 x 510 x 980 mm
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We know cleaning up after a busy day at your food establishment is not something any person looks forward to. Luckily, with the help of the Spectra Janitor Cleaning Trolley, cleaning up will be effortless and quick!

Benefits of a Janitor Trolley

  • Staff can carry multiple items at a time.
  • It can help prevent injuries from carrying heavy loads.
  • Can easily navigate across large areas and is great if the kitchen is far from the venue or eating area.
  • It can be folded, allowing for easy storage. This is a needed appliance if you need the extra kitchen space.


The janitor cleaning cart is safe to hold wet equipment as the trolley is constructed of polypropylene construction, a rust-resistant material. 

Benefits of Polypropylene

  • Stronger than steel
  • Rust-resistant
  • A light material
  • Heat resistant

Includes Shelves
For when you need the extra carrying space, the trolley features 3 sturdy shelves that are able to withstand heavier items like plates.

Waste Bag

The Spectra trolley also includes a yellow waste bag constructed of vinyl for easy waste collection and cleanup.

Benefits of Vinyl

  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Resistant to stains
  • Can easily be sanitised after use
  • Flame-resistant
  • Not easily damaged or scratched
  • Waterproof

The vinyl bag is held in place with heavy-duty moulded hooks ensuring it will be able to hold heavier items.


The Spectra janitor cleaning cart features 4 smooth-gliding wheels to ensure transportation is effortless.

The foldable Spectra Janitor Cart is versatile, fit for purpose, lightweight, and durable and is a useful tool to have in commercial kitchens of any size. The cleaning cart is perfect for establishments from hotels to old age homes to corporate canteens, where dirty dishes and equipment need to travel from customers to the kitchen in record time.

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