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Floor Standing Tilting Pan

Anvil Floor Standing Tilting Pan

  • Smooth and robust tilting function
  • Easy to clean stainless steel pan
  • Water inlet control on front panel
  • Thermostatically controlled
  • Power: 12kW
  • Voltage: 380V  3phase
  • Dimensions: 800x900x900mm high(+220mm  splash back)
  • Capacity: 80litre
  • Weight: 171kg
  • Packaged Weight:247kg


The Anvil Floor Standing Tilting Pan is the ideal equipment for use in kitchens of restaurants, canteens, institutions, etc. where food is always prepared in large quantities. Apart from stews, a constituency of almost every meal, the floor standing tilting pan allows for a diverse range of food items to be prepared in bulk. This unit is made up of a stainless steel pan. The design and material for the pan allow for easy cleaning and maintenance. The automatic safety cut-off keeps your operation safe in the event of overheating. The total power output of the unit is 12kW. The appliance has its temperature thermostatically controlled giving a quick response to any temperature change. In addition to having a thermostat, the tilting pan heats up quickly to the operating temperature thus allowing for easy cooking. The tilting pan is supplied with a smooth robust tilting function which allows for smooth and controlled pouring of hot contents safely. The water inlet control on the tilting pan which is used to obtain efficient pressure and flow management resulting in reduced water loss through leakages. When not in use, the pan basket of the tilting pan can be closed to keep the food warmer and for hygienic purposes. When the anvil floor standing tilting pan is tilted, a micro switch is present that cuts out elements. The tilting pan is made from stainless steel allowing for hygienic practices with its non-porous surface which is coupled with the easy cleaning capability of the fryer. The unit is fitted with stainless steel legs with non-marking feet to keep the floor tidy and to keep the floor-standing tilting pan steady.

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