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Floor-Standing Fryer

Anvil 20 Litre Floor-Standing Fryer

  • Supplied with one drain tank
  • Large surge area and effective cold zone
  • Large 40 mm drain valve for fast effective draining.
  • Adjustable feet for levelling
  • Power: 16.5 kW
  • Voltage: 380 V 3 Phase
  • Dimensions: 510 x 660 x 1000 mm
  • Weight: 45 kg
  • Volume of Oil: 20 litres
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The Anvil 20 Litre Floor-Standing Fryer is an essential piece of equipment in any modern kitchen. Apart from frying chips – a staple of many modern menus – the floor-standing fryer allows for a diverse range of food items to be speedily and efficiently fried.

With a quick fryer in your kitchen, it will ensure that your product is beautifully golden and deliciously crisp.

The Anvil floor-standing fryer has conveniently located front-mounted controls which ensure safe working practice for the users of the fryer. The main terminals are situated behind the front access panel protected from any damage. These electric fryers are powered by Incoloy elements which ensure consistent peak performance, high-temperature strength, and resistance to oxidation and carburization in the high-temperature environments of the heated oil. The powerful 16 kW element ensures that the unit heats oil quickly and recovers to temperature rapidly.

The operating temperature of these floor-standing fryers ranges from 50 degrees Celsius to 190 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, the electric Fryer has its temperature thermostatically controlled to save energy and has a safety cut-out to prevent oil flashing.

The Anvil floor-standing fryer is fitted with a 40mm diameter drain valve and is supplied with one drain tank. This allows for good oil management and assists with prolonging the life of the oil for future use.

The fryer is made from stainless steel allowing for hygienic practices with its non-porous surface which is coupled with the easy cleaning capability of the appliance.

The unit has adjustable feet for allowing the fryer to sit level on all feet when resting on uneven ground or kitchen floor and ensures maximum flexibility of use.

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