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For over 40 years, Elettrobar has produced millions of quality industrial dishwashers at their two Italian plants. The company has ensured they do their part in protecting the environment by developing appliances that are able to reduce water, energy, and detergent consumption without effecting performance.

“We adopt extremely stringent ISO 9001:2008 certified quality control procedures to propose products built to withstand even the harshest operating conditions.”

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  • The company was first set up in 1969 – San Pietro di Legnago (VR).
  • The company’s first dishwasher sale secured a major share of the Italian market.
  • Because of the company’s constant research and product innovation, it managed to gain a leading position on the main European markets.
  • 1990 – Eurotec Group purchased Elettrobar. 
  • 2000 – It became part of the America multinational Illinois Tool Works (ITW) listed in the Wall Street’s Standard & Poor’s Index. 
  • The brand became one of the leading manufacturers in the industrial dishwasher market by setting up a complete organisational structure for production, logistics, and product quality.

Elettrobar industrial dishwashers are ideal for hotels, restaurants, wine bars, pubs, cafés, bakeries, etc.

As suppliers of Elettrobar commercial dishwasher equipment, get in touch with our team at Caterware Connection if you are looking for glasswashers, hood dishwashers, rack conveyors, utensil washers, etc. Our technicians are qualified to install, repair, and maintain all Elettrobar dishwasher products and equipment. Get in touch with our consultants or browse our Elettrobar product range.

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