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Our Availability During COVID-19 Lockdown

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Our Availability During COVID-19 Lockdown

It is with sadness that we have seen the beginning of the social and economic impact of the Coronavirus on our country and world. We are grateful for the strong leadership shown by South Africa, through the President Ramaphosa and others at this time.

Caterware Connection Availability during the Lockdown

1. Technical Support

We are aware of the support we provide to keep food being available to essential services such as Hospitals, Supermarkets, Petrol Stations and Old Age Homes. In order to maintain these services during the 21 days of lockdown implemented by the President, we have done the following:

  1. Our landlines will be diverted to key staff who can field any phone requests.
  2. Our technical teams are on standby for any technical call-outs in essential industries, and they have been equipped with:

a. Permits authorizing them to be outside of their homes.
b. An increased set of basic consumables and spares.
c. Hand sanitizer and gloves to help reduce the spread of any viruses.
d. Masks for use where appropriate.

Please note that our ability to fully repair equipment may be hampered by the limited availability of spare parts. Despite this, our technicians will do all they can to keep your essential services operational.

2.Sales and Finance Support

Our Sales and Finance teams are working remotely during the lockdown and will be able to support you with any quotes and other queries over the phone or email. We hope to be able to use this period to plan future work and projects.

3.The Future

We have a strong team of people who have supported you before the lockdown, and who will be there to support you when the lockdown is lifted.

As we enter this lockdown period and our lives slow down may we appreciate what really matters. May it be a time to connect with our faith and our families. We will join you in actively looking to be kind and generous where we can, especially to those who will be hardest hit by this time.