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The Merrychef brand has been building many high-speed ovens since 1950. The company has grown significantly over the last few years while providing customers with smart, sophisticated kitchen equipment to streamline their workflow.

“Backed by generations of expertise, we’ve maintained a deliberate, mindful perspective in order to keep on innovating far beyond the oven. It’s what allows us to serve tens of thousands of restaurants like yours, all across the globe. And while others may see only daunting challenges, we at Merrychef have never been prouder to continue discovering ambitious and exciting innovations for expanding your opportunities.”

Merrychef Products

eikon® series


Merrychef Flat Cook Plate

Flat Cook Plate

Merrychef Wire Rack

Wire Rack

Paddle with hand guard and sides

Merrychef Non-stick cooking liner (Natural)

Non-stick Cooking Liner (Natural or Green)

Cool Down Pan

Full size mesh cooking tray

Merrychef Full size cooking tray (Red)

Full Size Cooking Tray
(Black, Green, Red, Blue)

Half size Cooking Tray
(Black, Green, Red, Blue)

Merrychef Quarter size cooking tray (Blue)

Quarter size cooking tray
(Black, Green, Red, Blue)


A quick history about the Merrychef brand:

  • 1950 – Founded by Christopher E. Tibbs, an ingenious, forward thinking entrepreneur
  • 1956 – Christopher E. Tibbs: Frequency Modulation Engineering; A Naval Training Handbook; 2nd edition
  • 1958 – World’s first commercial pure microwave oven
  • 1960 – World’s first pop-up door microwave oven
  • 1961 – First Artica is produced
  • 1963 – Artica in the London Trustee Savings Bank; tagline: “A meal in a moment“
  • 1968 – World‘s first convection microwave oven
  • 1969 – World’s first combination microwave oven
  • 1973 – Covered gas combination oven
  • 1975 – World’s first microwave burger concept
  • 1980 – World‘s first commercial oven with turntable
  • 1983 – Microtherm accelerated combination microwave oven
  • 1984 – Selling the pop-up door microwave – Hotelympia, London
  • 1987 – Loved by all … state-of-the-art electronic controls
  • 1999 – World’s first oven featuring two return ducts with grease filters and catalysts within the air stream
  • 2000 – Kick-off rapid cook ovens: > 10 times faster than traditional ovens
    World‘s first oven with programmable menu system
  • 2002 – Original Menu Key: 100 programs with 3 stages per program
  • 2005 – NRA Kitchen Innovation Award for 502 Oven
    Launch of Mealstream EC 402: release to WaWa and later to Subway
  • 2007 – World’s first and only Planar Plume Technology
  • 2008 – DIN ISO 9001 certification: Merrychef‘s facilities are amongst the most advanced in the industry
  • 2009 – Launch of eikon® series e3, e4, e5 easyToUCH®
    World‘s first high speed oven with easyToUCH® full color graphic touch screen and energy save mode
  • 2010 – NRA Kitchen Innovation Award for new eikon® series
  • 2011 – World’s first impingement/convection/microwave oven
  • 2012 – NRA Kitchen Innovation Award for Planar Plume Technology
    Launch of eikon® e2
  • 2013 – Launch of eikon® e4s: release to Subway
  • 2014 – Release of eikon® e4s to general market
  • 2015 – Launch of eikon® e2s

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