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IMESA Global Brand

“We design experiences of pure beauty to assist people at all times of their lives. Beauty starts with clean. We support people with our services and design technologically advanced products, simplifying their lives, making them safe and comfortable. Our products are designed to handle any fabric as needed, through a conscious and sustainable consumption of water and energy.”

With over 50 years of experience, IMESA’s main priority is to provide customers with appliances that treat every type of fabric, from washing to finishing.

The brand manufactures equipment for sectors including self-service laundrettes, professional laundries, industrial laundries, hotels, catering, and much more.

IMESA Products

IMESA Industrial washing machine black

LM | RC | D2W Series

IMESA commercial dryer

ES Series


TDM Series

IMESA Flatwork Ironer

FI Series


MCA | MCM Line


P-LINE Series


A quick history about the IMESA brand:

  • 1968 – ALBA (“Dawn” in Italian) was the first washing machine constructed by IMESA in its first small factory. After working non-stop throughout the night, as dawn broke, the first IMESA washing machine was ready for its first customer.  
  • 1970s – IMESA became established on the Italian market in the 70s.
  • 1980s – IMESA attended its first international trade exhibitions.
  • 1990s – In the 1990s, the new premises at Cessalto (TV) were inaugurated.
  • Late 90s – IMESA was the first to mount an electronic circuit board, fit inverters as standard and apply GSM technology to their washing machines.
  • Early 2000s – IMESA defined its product range and experimented with new technologies including remote communication between the machine and IMESA via a modem.
  • 2010s – IMESA manufactured machines with touchscreens.
  • 2019 – Today at the third-generation, IMESA is headed by Carlo Miotto (CEO) and niece Alessia Miotto.

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