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Electric vs Gas Cooking Equipment: Benefits of Gas

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Electric vs Gas Cooking Equipment: Benefits of Gas

Most commercial kitchens rely on either electricity or gas for their cooking equipment; which has been a continued source of debate. Which one is better, and why? We explore the benefits of gas cooking for some equipment and detail why most chefs prefer cooking with gas on some equipment.  

Before we can dive into the subject matter, it is essential to note that the gas vs electricity debate is not really the question, the question is what equipment will be gas and what will be electric. Commercial kitchens will often use a mix of both types of equipment, gas has advantages as does electric but here are the benefits of gas. 

Benefits of Gas Cooking Equipment

Full Heat Control 

Electric as a rule takes a long time to heat up since you need to wait for the element to get hot before you can cook on the surface or space it is heating. Then once you turn the element off, it can take a long time before it cools down. This cycle can cause heat level fluctuations that are not desirable unless using precision-controlled electric equipment that can significantly increase the price of some equipment. 

All you need for your gas to get up to the desired heat level is to turn the gas to the level you want and light it. This not only saves time but allows for greater control over the heat throughout the cooking process as you can instantly adjust it. 

Many recipes will require that you bring something to a boil and drop the heat to simmer. While you can achieve that with an electric stove, you do lose some control. If, for example, you need to bring your pot to “first boil” before simmering, then immediately drop the heat, an electric appliance will require that you pull the pot off the stove while the element cools down, unless you are using induction cooking. With gas, all you need to do is turn down the knob. 

Environmentally Friendly 

Love the environment? Then gas should be your best friend! Since gas cooking equipment uses, on average, 30% less energy, you will reduce your carbon footprint. Gas burns cleanly and does not produce any soot, smoke, or smell during combustion when your equipment is properly maintained.  

Running Cost Savings

Because the heat is instant you need only have the gas on for the time you are actually using the equipment in the case of direct flame and for a lesser time for indirect flame heating a surface. Saving energy usage is saving you money. 

The capital expenditure on gas equipment, for the items you would most likely use gas for, is very similar to an equivalent in electric so any small extra cost of equipment will be quickly saved in running costs. 

Not Reliant on Electricity

The last and most obvious benefit of gas cooking equipment, it’s not reliant on electricity. If you live in an area with unreliable infrastructure, electric outages will cost you money in lost sales.  

Just look at how the food industry was affected during the Eskom blackouts in South Africa. 

Do You Need Gas Cooking Equipment for Your Commercial Kitchen?

As we mentioned there is no right or wrong answer on what cooking equipment should be gas and what should be electric, there are however very good reasons that gas should be part of the cooking mix. Have you seen the light, and want to convert to gas? Great choice! What are your next steps? 

At Caterware Connection we offer a variety of high-quality commercial gas catering equipment. We can supply and install gas cooking appliances for restaurants, retirement homes, bakeries, remote sites, and more. 

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