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Convotherm Elektrogerate

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Convotherm is an exceptional foodservice brand that has won many awards over the past few years. The brand has won awards including the Lean & Green Management award, Footprint awards, the German Brand Award, and so many others.

The German brand is home to many popular products including the Convotherm 4 and the Convotherm 4 BAKE professional oven.

"Convotherm aims to keep raising the bar in quality, efficiency, and experience – for our customers and everyone who walks through their door."

Advancing Your Ambitions

Convotherm Products

Convotherm 4 Combi-Steamers

Convotherm 4 includes two concepts—easyTouch and easyDial. Both of these options allow users to choose if they want manual or automated processes.

The main focus for the Convotherm 4 range is to provide users with equipment that’s easy to use and provides functionality.


Convotherm 4 easyTouch Tabletop oven
Convotherm easyTouch Floor-standing ovenoven

With the easyTouch complete package, users can expect a full range of practical features including:

  • A high-resolution 9” touch screen
  • Customisation options

The touch screen functionality is user-friendly to ensure your team can effectively use the cooking appliance without blockages.


Convotherm easyDial Floor-standing ovenoven

With the easyDial product range, are for users that prefer a manual operation opposed to the touch screen features of the easyTouch. All the settings and other extra functions can be adjusted in one operating level and is visible at all times. No need to search for those dials or buttons!

Convotherm 4 BAKE

Convotherm 4 BAKE 6.10 easyTouch Tabletop oven
Convotherm 4 BAKE 10.10 easyTouch Tabletop oven

The Convotherm 4 Bake Professional Oven is the perfect appliance for anyone looking to be at the top in the baking industry. Years of research of traditional bakeries have allowed Convotherm to apply the best features and functionality to make the 4 BAKE oven the needed combi oven for any professional baker.

Read more about the Convotherm 4 BAKE oven.

Convotherm Mini

If your kitchen is in need of space, then Convotherm’s Mini series will be your best option. The small combi oven will allow you to install the baking appliance in the smallest storage areas.

With a width of only 51.5 cm, the oven will fit in any kitchen, no matter how compact.

Convotherm Mini easyTouch oven
Convotherm Mini Standard oven


Convotherm Stands
Convotherm Condensation Hood

Each combination oven by Convotherm includes accessories you need to ensure you make 110% use of the oven. Accessories include:

  • Stands – Stands provide stability for Tabletop ovens and you are able to request casters if they are needed.
  • Banquet – Banquet Trolleys are designed to fit on both floor-standing or Tabletop units. The plate banquet trolley includes a range of spaces for plates with any type of creative dish.
  • Condensation hood – These powerful hoods allow you to cook near customers and ensure a pleasant atmosphere in your kitchen. The accessory extracts and condenses steam and vapour.

Convotherm’s Mission

Convotherm puts a large focus on creating value for customers, employees, and shareholders by helping them deliver products and systems of the highest quality. The brand also aims to enable safe and healthy food experiences for all those who make use of their cooking equipment.

As suppliers of Convotherm equipment, get in touch with our team at Caterware Connection if you are looking for professional baking ovens. Our technicians are qualified to install, repair parts, and maintain all Convotherm products and equipment. Get in touch with our consultants or browse our products.

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