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Bonnet International Kitchenware

Caterware ConnectionBonnet International Kitchenware

Founded in 1830 by Nicholas BONNET, BONNET International has been providing high-quality catering and restaurant equipment for over 180 years.

BONNET International Products

BONNET International offers a wide range of kitchenware and catering equipment for restaurants, schools, as well as hotels all around the globe.

Not only does their equipment delivery high-quality results, but it is also safe, very easy to use, saves you time, energy, and money. What’s better than that?

BONNET Combination oven

Combination Ovens

With the help of of a BONNET combination oven, all types of cooking can be improved immensely. These ovens control the humidity and temperature and the equipment user can benefit from the effective automatic cleaning program.

Optimum 700

The BONNET Optimum 700 line of modular equipment was created to provide the performance and ergonomics needed for today’s modern kitchen demands. Its main goal is to offer catering equipment with professional specifications.

With its reduced depth, the BONNET Optimum 700 oven line doesn’t let space limit your ambitions in the kitchen.

Optimum ADVANCIA 900

Optimum ADVANCIA 900 and Optimum ADVANCIA 900 PLUS

The Optimum ADVANCIA 900 line offers equipment to create your personalised cooking suite which meets all your cooking requirements and desires. With over 300 modules available in the ADVANCIA range, you can combine performance, ease of cleaning, robustness, as well as aesthetic qualities to allow your cooking suite to become a reflection of your menu. The ADVANCIA range also makes use of FPS (FullPowerSystemT) technology to meet your highest equipment demands.

Cooking Suite Maestro

For chefs, the Maestro is a masterpiece which combines tradition with high-quality technology, power with performance, aesthetics with engineering design.

Maestro Classic

With the combination of prestige and high performance, the Maestro Classic cooking suite offers various improvements in your production room.

Maestro Evolution

The Maestro Evolution cooking suite is the ideal balance between comfort and high performance for any chef.

Stand-Alone Cooking Equipment

BONNET offers a Stand Alone Line composed of high performing kitchen equipment which includes Induction Hobs, multi-functions Bratt pans, and Rotisserie.

History of BONNET International

As a company which has been providing top-quality equipment all over the globe, it’s bound to have a little history.

1830: Nicolas BONNET established his first mechanical factory.

1966: Thomson bought Bonnet, which developed its competencies such as cold cabinets, dishwashers, and development.

1981: BONNET International united with Bécuve and developed its cooking equipment for the market.

1987: BONNET obtained mechanical handling, distribution, and light equipment from Cidelcem Industries.

1997: BONNET became part of the Horis Group which is the leading manufacturer of catering equipment in France.

2007: BONNET became part of Illinois Tool Works (ITW). The group has more than 700 companies in 48 different countries.

2012: The Precijet oven first launched

Today, BONNET Internationals’ success has allowed them to grow internationally and establish a presence in over 60 countries, including Africa, South America, North America, Europe, Far East, Middle East, and Asia.

BONNET has worked in close collaboration with chefs for over 100 years to develop solutions that suit every chef’s kitchen. Caterware Connection is the proud agent for BONNET catering equipment in South Africa. Our technicians are qualified to install, repair, and maintain all BONNET equipment. Get in touch with our consultants or browse our products.

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